About us

What We Provide?

We are professionals who take clubmaking and more importantly fitting seriously. No two golfers are alike. Therefore, it just makes sense that their golf clubs should not be the same. In every sport, to play your best, you play with equipment fitted for you. Golfcrafters offers optimized golf clubs, along with great services, to help you achieve your best fit and ultimately performance.

Special Services

Weight Sorting & Balancing - GUARANTEED SWINGWEIGHTS +/- 1 pt by weighing all components including grips. With manufacturing tolerances of +/- 3 grams on heads, and +/- 4 grams on shafts, and +/- 2 grams on grips, a set without weight sorting can yield clubs that are different by as much as 2 to 4 swingweight points. Do you ever wonder why there are a few clubs in the bags that just don't feel right. In most cases the swingweight is off from the rest of the set, along with frequency. We use a Pitney Digital Scale to weight sort and balance grips, heads, and shafts prior to assembly.

Custom Swingweighting - need a higher swingweight, just let us know. Our Golfsmith Swingweight scales ensures accurate measurements.

Spine Neutralizing - SST Puring™ for the most consistent shaft behavior for up to 20-50% more on-center hits Highly recommended on woods, especially the driver. Don't be fooled by Spining -- this is not the same process or use of technology. Not available on all shafts. Please select the shaft of your choice and we will make substitution if necessary.

Frequency Matching and Slope Customization - Upon request, we will frequency sort any set of shafts so that the most flexible shafts are in the long irons and the stiffest in the short irons and ensure all shafts are within +/- 2pcm or 1/5 of a flex)

Custom Loft and Lie - For trajectory and distance control on all clubs and better accuracy on the short irons. We use the Scotland Loft & Lie Machine - the personal choice of dozens of PGA Tour players, to customize your loft and lie specifications.